MTA Publishing

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Welcome to MTA Publishing - the publisher for easy to produce, well-crafted musicals suitable for any budget. Since our coming on-line in 1996, our works have been performed in theatres all over the world.

All our shows incorporate orchestral CD’s of the entire show (for either rehearsal purposes, or for performance) as well as the original cast CD albums, while some also have the option of parts for a live orchestra pit.

To access the show links, please click on the "Switch to MusicaNeo" link on the top right hand corner of your screen and type in the show you are interested in within the search box.  If you experience any problems, please contact Stephen at:

List of shows are as follows:

  1. A Christmas Carol (CD version) (Male and Female Cast versions available)
  2. A Christmas Carol (full orchestral version)
  3. The American Civil War
  4. Abelard & Heloise: the musical
  5. Advent Lessons & Carols
  6. Alpha and Omega (the life of Jesus musical for kids)
  7. Bearskin: the musical
  8. Bible Rock: the musical
  9. Children's Festival of Lessons & Carols
  10. Christmas Every Day: the musical
  11. Competition: the musical
  12. Everyman: the musical
  13. Faustina: the musical
  14. Feo (The Ugly Duckling)
  15. Fourth Wise Man: the musical
  16. For Those Left Behind
  17. Gift of the Magi: the musical
  18. The Happy Prince: the musical
  19. Juggler of Notre Dame: the musical
  20. Jungle Book: the musical
  21. Lest We Forget: a holocaust oratorio
  22. Little Red Riding Hood: the musical
  23. Missa De Profunctis (conductor score and parts)
  24. The Noel Candle: a Christmas Musical
  25. Our Lady Of Fatima: the musical
  26. Passion of Jesus (musical/opera)
  27. Peter Rabbit: the musical
  28. The Picture Of Dorian Gray: the musical (Score, Script and Orchestra Parts)
  29. The Picture of Dorian Gray: the musical (Score, Script, Orchestra Parts and CD Tracks)
  30. Princess Aleia (Sleeping Beauty): the musical
  31. Prodigal Son: the musical
  32. Rage Of Love: the musical
  33. Requiem (Score with accompaniment tracks)
  34. Requiem (Full score and Parts)
  35. The Rock Bracelet: the Mother's Day musical
  36. Santa Claus And The Christ Child (musical/opera)
  37. Selfish Giant: the musical
  38. Tenebrae: Behold the Wood of the Cross (with accompaniment tracks)
  39. Tenebrae: O Faithful Cross (with accompaniment tracks)
  40. Tenebrae: A Service Of Shadows (with accompaniment tracks)
  41. What Would Jesus Do?: the musical
  42. Why The Chimes Rang: the musical

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